Astra Bay Construction did a major renovation at 1833 Astra Road, Comox.


1833 Astra Road, Comox


This home was an original homestead of the Butler family of Kin Beach. Over the years the surrounding area was developed leaving the home on a half acre property with wonderful ocean views. The home was built in the 1940’s and has been updated and reconfigured many times over the years.

Lynne Commandeur purchased the property in 1998. She loves the neighborhood and the ocean views, however the house always had several issues that were far from perfect. The last owner had converted the house to an up and down duplex and there was no connection between floors. With her family growing she decided to build new, in town, giving her a more livable home. However, after several years she yearned to be back at the beach house and decided it was time to renovate. Lynne Commandeur, Dave Peardon of Astra Bay Construction whom had been working together on other construction projects began designing the renovation in earnest.

Look at some images of the work in progress

The new home would be a complete rebuild. Giving Lynne and her family the home they always wanted in the perfect location.

  • The home was stripped and tore down to the main floor.
  • A second story was added with dormers and a new timber frame entrance.
  • Twelve feet was added to the back of the home enabling her to have a family room on the main floor complete with en-suite and walk-in closet with her own laundry.
  • The main floor became a complete home with all that was needed to live comfortably. Added upstairs was two bedrooms, a bathroom and a library with an ocean view deck.
  • The basement also had two bedrooms, a sunroom, mudroom and laundry room with a kitchen plumbed and wired for a future suite planned.
  • The floors are finished with acid stained concrete throughout and an in-floor heating system was installed, which is powered by a heat pump for maximum efficiency.
  • The hot water is gas fired on demand.
  • The house has an integral sound system.
  • The new fireplace is gas.
  • Cabinets are cherry and the counter tops are finished in granite.
  • Two of the three exterior decks are concrete, the last being tiled with rock.
  • This house features 35 windows and five exterior doors. All interior doors are safe and sound and all rooms are sound proofed from each other.
  • The room was converted to a concrete tile in a slate style.
  • All insulation is above code.


The design of this home seems to seamlessly blend the outdoors with the interior.
This is a truly west coast style build.

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