Curtis Road, Comox ~ Waterfront Renovations

Astra Bay Construction has been very busy around the Comox Valley in 2012 with two extensive renovations, one new construction, and several small jobs. The first renovation being a 75% rebuild, on the water front in Comox on Curtis Rd.

Astra Bay was initially called because of a deck that had been leaking into the living space of this home for years. After a preliminary inspection it was soon discovered that this beautiful custom home had a few problems other than just a leaking deck. The weather on Balmoral Beach near Point Holmes is most severe in the Comox Valley. Years of salt spray and driving wind and rain had taken its toll on this home. The owner having grown up at this location as a child and recently having reacquired the property wanted her house back to at least its original beauty and integrity.

The Astra Bay team went to work and opened up several areas of walls discovering various stages of rot and damage. The following steps were taken to renovate these areas:

  • The stucco was stripped off the home and all structural framing was repaired.
  • New windows were installed.
  • All exterior walls were insulated with spray foam increasing the R value to a level of R 20 within 2×4 walls.
  • The attic was re-blown to meet all codes.
  • The walls with the most extreme weather were completely sealed with blue skin membrane, leaving the wall impenetrable to water. Next it was covered with double 60 tar paper, strapped out with rain screen and sided. The sealed sprayfoam insulation enabled us to not have to let the wall breath thus allowing us to use a sealed membrane on the exterior wall.
  • Areas behind waterfront rock work also had a layer of torchon added to the buildup rendering the wall completely water tight.


Have a look at some images of the work in progress

Further renovations included:

  • The leaking deck was rebuilt and a double torchon membrane system applied under concrete with a stamped pattern. The deck was engineered and build to withstand the weight of a hot tub. The area under the deck was also spray-foamed and there is a heated garage beneath. This home was now water tight and safe from the elements. Not an easy task, as other builders can attest to along this coastline.
  • The basement ceilings inside were all dropped when the house was originally built to accommodate the radiant water heating system. Astra Bay Construction replaced the system with pex lines and removed the steel lines. This enabled us to raise the ceiling to full height making the lower floor a much more enjoyable space. The wall radiators were replaced. Some of the heating was moved to an in-floor system so there was more room for furniture without the rads on the wall.
  • The old plumbing had thin wall copper lines that had been springing leaks for years. Areas of ceiling had been cut out repeatedly for makeshift repairs over the years. Astra Bay replaced all plumbing.
  • The layout of the home was retained with the exception of widening a hallway enlarging two of the bathrooms and rebuilding a porch area to enclose into the home for use as a walk-in closet.
  • The entrance deck roof was removed and a large timber-frame roof added.
  • The front deck was doubled in size.
  • The entrance was enclosed with a large pond and river system, housing turtles as well as an array of aquatic plants.
  • The timber-frame front door was added reaching a height of ten feet including transom.
  • The entire home was rewired and some electric radiant heat utilized in the en-suit. A backup generator was also installed that has the ability to run eighty percent of the home in the event of the frequent power failures that occur in the area.
  • The driveway has been replaced and all decks and stairs are resurfaced or replaced with new concrete.
  • A leaking roof has been replaced.
  • The brick fireplace was veneered with stone and a timber mantle was added.
  • All flooring has been replaced with a mix of carpet, travertine tile, and hardwood. The entrance was replaced with radiant water heated, stamped concrete to match the decks.
  • Water front railings were constructed with timber posts and sheets of glass mounted without a top rail giving an unobstructed view of the Georgia Straight.
  • The drywall was removed on seventy five percent of the house and replaced. All trims were replaced and a complete paint finished the project.

A Carriage House is now under construction on the property. This is a new construction project with a full home warranty by Astra Bay Construction. This project is projected to be completed January 2013.

Throughout this project the homeowners had complete control over what they wanted done. This was a challenging and very satisfying project for all involved.

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