About Astra Bay Construction

If I’ve learned one thing in the 30-plus years in construction, it’s that the only thing that ever matters is you – the client.

That’s why I invite you to be as hands-on or hands-off as you like throughout your project. You’re always welcome on site, you’re free to ask questions and suggest changes on-the-fly and I’m happy to provide you with photos and status updates as frequently as you desire.

You shouldn’t have to settle for anything less.

Dave Peardon

Project Manager, Astra Bay Construction

Our Values

I’ve been building and renovating homes and commercial buildings since the early 1980s, when I learned the trade while working on luxury homes and commercial properties in greater Vancouver. Since returning to my hometown of Comox In 1991, I’ve assembled a team that focuses on three things:

  1. Quality, not quantity
  2. Under-promising and over-delivering
  3. Blowing expectations out of the water.

Our Design Influences

Our style is highly influenced by the ideals of West Coast living, and blurring the line between the outdoors and the indoors. That’s why we work painstakingly during the design process to map the contours of your land, record how the sun traverses your property and incorporate design elements that complement nature rather than impose upon it.

We believe in homes that are low in maintenance and high in enduring beauty. We’re incredibly proud to be doing what we do, and we thank you for allowing us to be part of your dream.

I work alongside a highly skilled team of tradespeople that I wholeheartedly trust to deliver outstanding work on which I’m proud to stake my reputation.

Contact Us

1833 Astra Rd, Comox, BC, V9M 4B4

+1 250-207-0172

Dave Peardon, Project Manager, Astra Bay Construction