Astra Road

This extensive rebuild removed the roof and most of the top floor, expanded the house 12ft back and placed another story on-top. The floors were changed to concrete acid stain floors with radiant heating that is heat pump driven. It features a concrete tile roof, timber frame front deck and a stamped concrete sundeck front and back. There is an underground cistern that is roof water harvested, feeding a water feature river flowing under the front stairs into a small waterfall and recycling back again.

Curtis Road

This home is in Point Holmes, an area that experiences the most intensive oceanfront winds and sea-spray in the Comox Valley. It was an inherited family homestead that the owners were very endeared to. It had extensive rot on the oceanfront side of the house which meant all the decks and oceanfront walls had to be rebuilt, and an entire home renovation was done as well. A closed cell sprayfoam was used for insulation to bring the existing 2×4 walls up to R20 insulation code. Radiant in floor heating was installed, two fireplaces were completely rebuilt and all the windows were replaced.

The old lenai was converted to a master bedroom with a walk-in closet, ensuite soaker tub and steam shower. Large stamp concrete decks were built with infinity glass railings and timber posts. Tumble travertine floors with hardwood mixed was installed throughout the house, as well as an 8ft entrance timber door, a timber covered front entryway. and cutaways into ponds stocked with fish and turtles. Astra Bay also built a secondary residence/carriage home on this property.

Astra Road

This three story oceanfront home in the Astra Bay area was a technical renovation designed to update the home with longevity and durability in mind, increasing energy-savings and ensuring high quality. It had 1990s sanded cement stucco with extensive wall damage behind. All the stucco was removed, the eaves sawn off and an entire exoskeleton of borax treated lumber was applied to the exterior over a fibre glass water shield building envelope with high heat roof skin rooftop deck. The house was outsolated with comfort wall exterior insulation and re-roofed with Prolock metal roofing and Kynar paint for ocean front durability. The windows were replaced with triple glaze.

New mechanicals were installed featuring radiant slim panel heat throughout. Interior walls and posts were removed to allow for an open-living concept with new beams installed and new flooring, doors and a complete repaint. The drop floor living room was raised back to flush level to improve views of the ocean and new kitchen cabinetry installed. The decks were replaced, with wood pressure treated on the heat side, exposed concrete front fortune deck which is isolated from the home for thermal break. This home meets step 5 2036 building code requirements.

A second residence/ carriage home was built on site, utilizing the same building code level and techniques as main residence, including in floor slab heating and garage.

Driftwood Road

This beautiful waterfront home had all the windows and trim changed, inside and out, and the deck updated.

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